Fast, Effective and FREE Electronic Recovery from Payliance

Use Cases

Point-of-Sale (POS) icon

Point-of-Sale (POS)

Process payments electronically at the point of sale.

Mail In icon

Mail In

Recover NSF payments received through the mail.

Full Stack API icon

Full Stack API

Connect through our full stack API.

Platforms icon


Simple, seamless payments integrated with your existing platforms.

Primary Benefits

Recapture Payments

Utilize the ACH and check networks to recapture payments that originally bounced.

Fewer Charge-Offs

Increases merchant cash flow and reduces payment charge-offs while maintaining customer relationships.

Automatic Re-Presentment

NSF returned items are automatically re-presented electronically, timed to maximize recovery.


Smart Re-Presentment icon

Smart Re-Presentment

Use strategic re-presentment logic to schedule collection when your chances are greatest.

Cloud Reporting icon

Cloud Reporting

Stay on top of your business with online, real-time reporting capabilities.

Full Stack APIs icon

Full Stack APIs

Seize the full potential of our solutions by integrating payments and accounting processes.

Big-Time Databases icon

Big-Time Databases

Every transaction is run through proprietary and national databases to identify ineffective accounts.

Quick Implementation icon

Quick Implementation

Integration is fast and easy through our integrated gateway partners or direct with our API or batch integrations.

Supports All Payment Types icon

Supports All Payment Types

Supports all paper checks, eChecks, and ACH transactions.