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Performance and Reliability

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Full Stack APIs

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Integration Options:

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3rd Party Platform Integrations

A merchant may choose to utilize a 3rd party gateway or ISV platform to provide their connection to Payliance, rather than a direct integration. If a merchant is partnering with a 3rd party gateway or ISV platform that is already integrated with Payliance, additional integration testing is negligible.

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Direct Integration to Payliance

For merchants who wish to integrate directly to Payliance, or who are utilizing a 3rd Party Platform not already integrated to Payliance, successful integration requires certification testing:

Certification Testing
  • Performed in a secure test environment (sandbox)
  • Ensures transactions can be submitted to Payliance in the appropriate format for the integration method, API or batch models
  • Ensures receipt and consumption of transaction information provided by Payliance

Direct Integration Documentation:

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Full Stack API (Download PDF)

The Payliance Full Stack API provides developers with the tools needed to securely power payments capabilities. Our Full Stack API protocol is simple and built with developers like you in mind. You’re able to incorporate the functionality you need in your software applications simply and seamlessly.

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Batch Transmission (Download PDF)

Payliance supports multiple options for batch integration, including standard NACHA files. Easily integrate your custom applications with a range of available options and support.


Indirect Integration Documentation:

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Receivables Pro Gateway API (Download PDF)

The Receivables Pro Gateway API provides developers with the ability to use our gateway with seamless ease. From customer information management to recurring payment processing, our gateway API will allow your software to schedule and send payments effortlessly to our systems all while having the ability to manually enter transactions in the system too.