Complete Payment Recovery Services

Payment Recovery Use Cases

Online Payments icon

Online Payments

Securely process payments on your website and avoid credit card transaction fees.

Pay by Phone icon

Pay by Phone

Accept payments over the phone and allow customers to pay with their checking account.

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Full Stack API

Connect through our full stack API.

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Simple, seamless payments integrated with your existing platforms.

payment recovery Primary Benefits

Licensed Agency

Payliance is a nationally licensed collection agency providing multiple collection techniques for creditors in all 50 states.

Regulatory Expertise

Our internal collections expertise provides for strong understanding of regulatory requirements for agency solutions.

Proven Solutions

We provide payment solutions to collection agencies across most asset classes utilizing electronic and call center based operations.

Payment Recovery Features

Smart Re-Presentment icon

Smart Re-Presentment

Use strategic re-presentment logic to schedule collection when your chances are greatest.

Virtual Terminal icon

Virtual Terminal

Access to our robust, cloud-based Virtual Terminal comes with every merchant account.

Recurring Transaction Engine icon

Recurring Transaction Engine

Set a repeating schedule by customer and put recurring payments on autopilot.

Big-Time Database icon

Big-Time Database

Every transaction is run through proprietary and national databases to identify ineffective accounts.

Payment Gateway icon

Payment Gateway

Manage accounts in real-time with our feature-rich, enterprise-class payment gateway.

Store Payment Methods icon

Store Payment Methods

Store payment data for customers to use again or update easily, eliminating errors.