Remotely Create Checks (RCC) processing from Payliance

Remotely Created Check Use Cases

Recurring Payments icon

Recurring Payments

Automatically collect from customers you bill on a regular basis.

Pay by Phone icon

Pay by Phone

Accept RCCs over the phone and allow customers to pay with their checking account.

Full Stack API icon

Full Stack API

Connect through our full stack API.

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Simple, seamless payments integrated with your existing platforms.

remotely created check
Primary Benefits

Higher return rates expected

Industry verticals with higher expected return rates benefit the most from RCC’s.

Seamless process

Remotely Created Checks are digitalized from paper checks using magnetic ink.

Perfected through experience

Performs similarly to ACH, benefiting from image perfected over years of working with banking partners.

Remotely Created Check Features

Recurring Transaction Engine icon

Recurring Transaction Engine

Set a repeating schedule by customer and put recurring payments on autopilot.

Notifications and Alerts icon

Notifications and Alerts

Automatically send out customized reminders, receipts and other notifications.

Smart Re-Presentment icon

Smart Re-Presentment

Use strategic re-presentment logic to schedule payment when your chances are greatest.

Full Stack APIs icon

Full Stack APIs

Seize the full potential of our solutions by integrating payments and accounting processes.

Fraud Detection and Prevention icon

Fraud Detection and Prevention

Reduces chances of fraud by validating account information upfront.

Payment Gateway icon

Payment Gateway

Manage accounts in real-time with our feature-rich, enterprise-class payment gateway.