Become a Payliance ISO Partner

We partner with payment solution providers and banking partners to offer the ability to process payments for all types of merchants, including those that are high risk and hard to place. This allows for the flexibility you need so you don’t need multiple payment partners. And it creates a win-win for you and your customers.

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Features ISOs Want

Straightforward Pricing icon

Straightforward Pricing

Pricing is transparent, with all fees listed upfront.

Service and Support icon

Service and Support

We have a dedicated team to provide you and your merchants top-notch service.

Quick Approval Times icon

Quick Approval Times

We provide in-house underwriting and risk management, getting your merchants approved quickly so you can start earning commissions sooner.

Solutions for Higher Return Rates icon

Solutions for Higher Return Rates

Remotely Created Check (RCC) processing as a cost-effective alternative for merchants whose business model doesn’t meet the return rate thresholds required by NACHA.

Multiple Gateway Integrations icon

Multiple Gateway Integrations

Our third party integrations allow you the flexibility to board merchants quickly.

Quick Implementation icon

Quick Implementation

Integration is fast and easy through our integrated gateway partners or direct with our API or batch integrations.

ISO Partner Benefits

Aggressive Buy Rates and Revenue Share Opportunities

Earn commissions with residuals for life of the merchant account.

High Merchant Approval Rates

Payliance is tightly integrated to multiple banking partners, allowing redundancy for higher risk MCC's.

High Risk Processing

We are experts in several higher risk verticals.

Online Application

Get rid of all the paper and have your merchants apply electronically.

Multiple Banking Partners

Allows for placement of a diverse base of merchants for both low and high risk industries.

Use Cases

Online Payments icon

Online Payments

Securely process payments on your website.

Recurring Payments icon

Recurring Payments

Automatically collect form those customers you bill on a regular basis.

Pay by Phone icon

Pay by Phone

Accept payments over the phone and help enable your customers to pay with their checking account.

Virtual Terminal icon

Virtual Terminal

Accept payments anytime with our robust cloud-based Virtual Terminal.

Integrated with Trusted Industry Leaders

Payliance is integrated with the top gateway providers as well as other third-party integrators.