Verify Customer Bank Account Information with Payliance

Payment Verification Use Cases

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Online Payments

Online Payments validate account information the moment customers enter payment data into your website.

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Virtual Terminal

Accept payments anytime with our robust cloud-based Virtual Terminal.

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Full Stack API

Connect through our full stack API.

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Simple, seamless payments integrated with your existing platforms.

payment verification
Primary Benefits

Comprehensive Architecture

Our complex architecture of proprietary and 3rd party services authenticates customers and validates payment credentials.

Reduces Fraud and Losses

Reduce acceptance of fraudulent activity while limiting payment acceptance friction and economic losses.

Instant Peace of Mind

We run each transaction through proprietary and national databases to identify ineffective accounts within sub-seconds.

Payment Verification Features

Performance and Reliability icon

Performance and Reliability

Our systems are designed to deliver the fastest performance and utmost reliability.

Fraud Detection and Prevention icon

Fraud Detection and Prevention

Reduces chances of fraud by validating account information upfront.

Hardware Support icon

Hardware Support

Supports POS hardware, including credit card readers, check readers and imagers.

Big-Time Database icon

Big-Time Database

Every transaction is run through multiple proprietary and national negative databases to identify ineffective accounts.

Lightning Fast Authorizations icon

Lightning Fast Authorizations

Process payments quickly and reliably.

Hands-Free Error Correction icon

Hands-Free Error Correction

Decreases potential data entry errors right at the point of capture.