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Leadership at Payliance

Guided by a team of seasoned experts in payment solutions, Payliance is uniquely positioned to enable organizations to better streamline payment acceptance, minimize processing costs, and reduce the risk of fraud.

John Cullen

Chief Executive Officer

Payliance stands as a cornerstone for merchants of varying scales, delivering robust and reliable solutions that streamline cash flow. Specializing in state-of-the-art payment and treasury services across a multitude of industries, the company is unwavering in its commitment to merchant success.

Equally vital is John Cullen’s role in fostering an impactful team culture. The focus is not merely on meeting benchmarks but on creating a milieu where opportunities are ripe for the taking. The work environment at Payliance is dynamic, affording team members not just employment, but pathways for substantial career progression. The collective ambition within the team is to innovate without pause and to continually refine operational standards. A culture of transparency and accountability serves as the company’s bedrock.

With an entrepreneurial track record spanning over 20 years, John has founded three companies and achieved two successful public exits, with Payliance being the latest venture. This portfolio of experience is augmented by formative roles at industry leaders like Accenture and JP Morgan Chase. Additionally, John brings expertise in private equity, having managed a fund and led multiple buy-side transactions.

John Gilbert

Chief Information Officer

John Gilbert holds the position of Chief Information Officer at Payliance, embodying the mantra that “every transaction matters.” With a career devoted to the nuanced aspects of financial software systems—ranging from design and development to implementation and integration—John brings a depth of expertise critical to the company’s mission. He chose to join Payliance due to a shared vision of creating exceptional value for merchants, who regard the company as an essential partner in their operational success.

His work goes beyond mere technology; it focuses on aligning Payliance’s technological capabilities with the very real business needs of its clientele, consistently exceeding their expectations. An Ohio native, John resides in Columbus with his wife and two children. While his professional life centers on optimizing payment processing systems, his personal pursuits include rigorous training for the esteemed Boston Marathon.

James Robinson

Product Director

James Robinson serves as the Product Director at Payliance, bringing over 15 years of fintech experience to the role. His philosophy is clear: focused product delivery is the linchpin of organizational growth and success. Under his leadership, Payliance aspires to offer an unparalleled merchant experience, a goal achieved through the perfect blend of the right personnel, robust client collaboration, and a coherent organizational vision. James firmly believes that Payliance excels in all three dimensions, making it a standout performer in the industry.

His commitment to product excellence extends beyond the company’s internal vision. It includes active incorporation of merchant insights, creating a synergy that advances collective objectives. On the educational front, James holds a degree in Management Information Systems from Miami University and an MBA from DePaul University. He has also maintained a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification since 2010, underscoring his belief that successful product delivery cycles commence with meticulous planning.

Outside the professional sphere, James resides in central Ohio with his wife and two daughters, striking a balance between his demanding career and a fulfilling family life.

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