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Payliance Wave Product Header Cards

Gift and Loyalty Card

Let us show you how easy it is to have your own gift card program and begin selling in as little as 72 hours! We give you everything you need to get started.


Custom Cards

To Get Started Call (888) 313-7842 Option 2

The Power of the Card

  • Boosts prepaid gift sales
  • Simplifies transaction and management reporting
  • Automates electronic funds transfers between stores
  • Generates brand awareness and promotional opportunities
  • Creates destination vs. impulse purchases
  • Rids merchant of paper-based fraud
  • Eliminates “cash-back”
  • It’s Money in the Bank!
  • Take advantage of the money making opportunities that gift cards provide!

Choose the program that best fits your needs to increase sales and build a loyal customer base. immediately!

Custom Cards

Whether you need 500 cards or 50,000 cards, we create the appropriate solution for you and your business!

  • Either you can provide us with custom artwork in one of our approved formats or we can do it for you and create high quality gift cards customized with your own logo and design.
  • Your custom card becomes an attractive gift as well as a unique marketing piece, a miniature advertising billboard in the wallet of your customer!
  • Custom card holders, hangers, and acrylic displays are also available to complement your gift card presentation.

Select “Plus” Program

If you would rather spread your costs over a period of time and only need a small quantity of custom cards, we also offer  Select “Plus”, a unique program that combines the package features of our SPS Select Programs but which includes 500 fully customized cards and 500 semi-custom card holders, all for one low flat monthly fee!

  • 500 Custom Cards
  • One low flat monthly fee
  • No transaction fees

Downloadable Artwork Templates

Photoshop Gift Card Templates
Illustrator Gift Card Templates


Semi-Custom Gift Cards

To Get Started Call (888) 313-7842 Option 2

Semi-Custom Card Packages

Several designs of cards, holders, and hangers are ready to be shipped to your door in as little as 72 hours. Create a package to suit your business needs. All for one low flat monthly fee.

Select I Package

100 Cards and Holders
2 Table Tents
1 Window and 1 Register Decal

Select II Package

250 Cards and Holders
2 Table Tents
1 Window and 1 Register Decal

Select III Package

500 Cards and Holders
2 Table Tents
1 Window and 1 Register Decal


Loyalty Cards

To Get Started Call (888) 313-7842 Option 2

Increase Sales and Consumer Loyalty!

  • Create incentives for consumer loyalty and repeat shopping
  • Transfer loyalty rewards points to gift card stored value
  • Track points, purchases, or visits
  • Reward loyal customers with a percentage discount or stated offer
  • Available in both “Semi-Custom” and “Custom” card programs


Winmark Cards and Accessories


Gift Card Accessories

To Order Call (888) 313-7842 Option 2

Wire Hanger Display

Approx Size: L 8″ x W 5″ x H 8″
Counter top wire hanger display rack

Gift Card Hanger/Holders

(5) Black, (6) Cream
Hanger folds to become a holder for your gift card.
For use with a wire hanger display rack

Acrylic Displays

8″ x 10″, 5″ x 7″, or 10″ x 8″
Counter top acrylic display rack

Tiered Card Holders

Approx Size: L 3.75″ x W 4″ x H 3.75″
Small counter top 4 tier acrylic card holder

Restaurant Folio Insert

3 7/8″ x 8″
Insert into your restaurant folio and
gain spontaneous gift card sales

Flair Buttons

2 1/2″ round
Advertise gift card availability with flair buttons

Table Tents, Window and Register Decals

Advertise services on tables, at the register, and in your store window.

Generic Gift Card Holders

Holder Style 1
Holder Style 2
Holder Style 3
Holder Style 4
Holder Style 8
Holder Style 9
Holder Style 10
Holder Style 11
Holder Style 12
Holder Style 13
Holder Style 14
Holder Style 15
Holder Style 16

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