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Debt Collection Software

Debt Collection Software

Debt collection and recovery solutions to support your lending operations at a fraction of the cost of other 3rd party agencies.


Presentation Manager by Payliance

An automated, flexible, yet consumer-friendly way to recover debt. Recovering debt is expensive, but not recovering a debt is even more costly.  As overall profits are under pressure recovery is an important lever to deliver desired investor returns.  With Presentation Manager you can recover debts through a tech-enabled, consumer-friendly solution without having to settle for pennies on the dollar as with other 3rd party agencies or debt sales.  Our solution blends the best in technological capabilities, with over a decade of on-staff expertise, to deliver real returns at a fraction of the cost.  Best of all Presentation Manager fits seamlessly into your existing collections waterfall.


See how much better your debt recovery can be.
Our automated methods have helped improve collections on defaulted balances by 30-50% while also improving customer satisfaction.

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Proven Performance Results

  • Recovery is nearly 100% additive to existing collections performance
  • Routinely delivers double-digit recovery on defaulted balances
  • Contingent collection pricing with zero transactional costs for unsuccessful collection attempts
  • Years of proven experience backed by a large, referenceable client base

Leading Technology Advantages

  • Secure, AI technology augments existing collection practices. No bothersome calls to consumers.
  • 100% configurable for number of presentations, transaction size and transaction timing based on product and portfolio specifics
  • Extensive pre-processing debt scrub process so attempts of recovery are only made to those placements most likely to be successful
  • Merchant retains ability to recall debt at any time

Compliments existing collections methods

  • Multiple payment tender types, including debit card, can be paired with existing collections processing strategies to drive maximum recovery
  • Improves Customer Service based collections by increasing inbound repayment calls resulting in an average of 2-3% lift in your customer service based collections
  • Reduces 3rd Party collections needs by enabling full customer control to pull back debt leading to increase recovery growth prior to 3rd party collection efforts

Fast Implementation

  • Integration is quick and easy either through one of our gateway partners or direct with our API and batch integrations.

Online Full-Service Merchant Portal with Cloud-based Reporting

  • Stay on top of your business with online, real-time reporting capabilities via our merchant portal


Licensed Collections Agent

Proven, dependable collections services. Utilize our licensed collections expertise for a higher recovery return rates at lower costs then other providers.

Payliance is a nationally licensed and bonded collection agency providing multiple collection techniques for creditors

Regulatory Expertise

  • Our internal collections expertise provides for strong understanding of regulatory requirements for agency solutions.
  • Verified compliance with collection regulations including Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and Telemarketer Sales Rule (TSR)
  • Numerous regulatory audits and reviews completed since 2011
  • Multiple banking relationships to meet industry-specific compliance requirements

Proven Solutions for collection agencies

  • We provide payment solutions to collection agencies across most asset classes utilizing electronic and call center-based operations.


Smart Representment

Use strategic re-presentment technology to schedule payments when your chances are greatest to collect. NSF returned items are automatically re-presented electronically, timed to maximize recovery, which increases your cash flow, reducing payment charge-offs while maintaining customer relationships.

Payliance utilities RCK processing for representment of payments that have been presented and returned for non-sufficient or uncollected funds.

Helps reduce transaction costs versus reinitiating a paper check

Utilize the ACH and check networks to recapture payments that originally bounced

Flexibility in selecting processing dates for representment

Helps control collections costs with quick access to funds collected


Payment Guarantee

Our Payment Guarantee gives you the peace of mind to accept a payment and know the funds will be there — guaranteed. Payliance is a licensed collection agency, so we can guarantee and process payments efficiently, whether it is a check or ACH payment.

Risk Free Payment Acceptace

Accept transactions risk-free. If an ACH or check is returned, we will fund the full amount next business day.

Efficient Recovery

Payliance initiates recovery of the returned payment utilizing our electronic recovery and nationally licensed collection agency.

100% Face Value Returned

100% of the face value of the item is returned to the merchant. Payliance retains the returned item fee.

Straightforward Pricing

Pricing is transparent, with all fees clearly listed upfront.

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