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ISO Reseller Partner Program

Reseller Program Options

Join as a Referral Partner and delegate the intricate tasks to Payliance all while you earn a competitive share of the revenue.

Key Benefits:

  • Our seasoned experts will engage, negotiate, and finalize deals with merchants on your behalf.
  • Broaden your client base with a user-friendly, integrated payments solution.
  • Establish additional, recurring revenue channels.
  • Secure a competitive edge, even without specialized knowledge in payments.

Through our Retail ISO Program, you take the lead in selling, pricing, and finalizing deals with your merchants while Payliance manages the financial settlement and invoicing, streamlining your operations.

Key Benefits:

  • Gain time to focus on strategy, product development, or other high-value activities.
  • Dedicated one-on-one support.
  • Maintain control of your portfolio by pricing and closing merchants while earning a competitive percentage of revenue.

In our Wholesale ISO Program, retain ownership of invoicing, enabling a consolidated and simplified billing process across all programs and services offered to your merchants.

Key Benefits:

  • Customize to fit your needs by taking settlement and/or invoicing in-house.
  • Exercise greater control over your hold days by directly settling funds with your merchant base.
  • Negotiate and set financial terms specifically tailored to each merchant’s situation, strengthening relationships and potentially increasing customer loyalty.
  • Control invoicing and settlement or delegate these tasks to Payliance until you are ready to take them in-house.
  • Dedicated one-on-one support.

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