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Better Loan Funding. Better Loan Repayment.

Better Loan Funding. Better Loan Repayment.

Fast, convenient, and secure payment and verification solutions to improve your loan funding and repayment with industry-leading service and compliance expertise.


Integrated to LoanPro

Our integration to LoanPro makes it easy for you to improve your loan funding and loan repayments. Access our full-service payment and verification solutions from right within the LoanPro platform.

Debit Card Processing with Real-Time Funding

Instantly disburse loan proceeds to customers via their debit card, wherever and whenever needed and utilize the same card to accept loan repayments.

  • Attract more borrowers with instant fund disbursements to a debit card, anytime.
  • Improve loan repayment by enabling the consumer to repay the loan leveraging the same debit card.
  • Streamline access through single API for PCI DSS Level 1 Certified real-time funding and debit payment processing.
  • Simple, secure, real time funding and debit payment processing utilize a single API, providing dual access to the full universe of card networks through a straightforward, secure, PCI compliant platform.
  • Shared Tokenization -reuse of same token across card payments and verify solutions.

Card Verify

Gain comprehensive insights into specific credit, debit, and prepaid debit cards. By harnessing a wide array of data points, Card Verify delivers precise, enriched card data in seconds. It serves as a valuable decision tool, applicable in online and offline environments.

  • Simple, secure API via PCI-DSS Level 1 Certification.
  • Real-time API for expanded card data insights to minimize chargebacks.
  • Online full-service Merchant Portal with Cloud-based reporting.


Mitigate potential fraud and insufficient funds by promptly verifying consumer bank account information with our proprietary solution: VeriTrac® – an advanced payment account verification and risk assessment solution. Identify unproductive accounts from the onset, fostering a secure and efficient financial environment.

  • Leverage our “risk scoring waterfall” to combine or exclude account validation databases to reduce loan risk aligned with your lending environment.
  • Use separately or in conjunction with other data to provide additional levels of insight.
  • Leverage our risk indicator to identify heightened probability of transaction return.
  • Eliminate lead time required by ACH prenotification validation with real-time API requests.
  • Stop transaction attempts against bank accounts with prior history of returns using Return Blocker (1+ million returns saved to date).

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