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Better Funding Repayment 7

Better Loan Funding. Better Loan Repayment.

Fast, convenient, and secure payment and verification solutions to improve your loan funding and repayment with industry-leading service and compliance expertise.


Integrated to Qfund™

QFund is a SaaS-based Loan Management System (LMS) and Loan Origination System (LOS) that has been a market leader in the short-term financial industry in North America for over 20 years.

With its unique “Loan Anywhere & Pay Anywhere” experience and omni-channel capabilities, including store/branch and online platforms, QFund provides comprehensive solutions for various loan types.

The system supports major loan variations such as Payday Loans, Installment Loans, Lines of Credit (LOC), Title/Auto-Equity Loans, and Check Cashing, processing over $5 billion in transactions annually.

ACH (Same Day, Next Day)

Process Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions and manage the way you deliver and collect payments. With Payliance’s strong and redundant banking relationships, gain peace of mind with reliability, service, and value in alignment with your business objectives.

  • Execute faster payments and reduce costs with support for all ACH Same Day windows.
  • Capitalize on growing demand for Same Day ACH (50% increase in dollars processed YOY 1H2023).
  • Improve compliance with lending specific built-in features.
  • Gain flexibility with late cut-off times and non-banking day processing

Real-time Funding (RTF) to Debit Card

Instantly disburse loan proceeds to customers via their debit card, wherever and whenever needed and utilize the same card to accept loan repayments.

  • Attract more borrowers with instant fund disbursements to a debit card, anytime.
  • Improve loan repayment by enabling the consumer to repay the loan leveraging the same debit card.
  • Streamline access through single API for PCI DSS Level 1 Certified real-time funding and debit payment processing.
  • Simple, secure, real time funding and debit payment processing utilize a single API, providing dual access to the full universe of card networks through a straightforward, secure, PCI compliant platform.
  • Shared Tokenization -reuse of same token across card payments and verify solutions.

Remotely Created Checks (RCC)

Take control of loan repayment processing and return rates with Remotely Created Checks (RCCs), an efficient alternative when return rates exceed ACH thresholds. RCC creates a digital representation of a paper item (eCheck) using authorized consumer checking account information, excluding the original signature.

  • Improve compliance in alignment with the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), Reg CC, Reg J, and the Check 21 Act.
  • Gain flexibility with Batch and API integration options.
  • Gain visibility with a full-service online merchant portal with Cloud-based reporting and Virtual Terminal.
  • Automate billing, payment acceptance, and customer management.

Card Verify

Gain comprehensive insights into specific credit, debit, and prepaid debit cards. By harnessing a wide array of data points, Card Verify delivers precise, enriched card data in seconds. It serves as a valuable decision tool, applicable in online and offline environments.

  • Simple, secure API via PCI-DSS Level 1 Certification.
  • Real-time API for expanded card data insights to minimize chargebacks.
  • Online full-service Merchant Portal with Cloud-based reporting.


Mitigate potential fraud and insufficient funds by promptly verifying consumer bank account information with our proprietary solution: VeriTrac® – an advanced payment account verification and risk assessment solution. Identify unproductive accounts from the onset, fostering a secure and efficient financial environment.

  • Leverage our “risk scoring waterfall” to combine or exclude account validation databases to reduce loan risk aligned with your lending environment.
  • Use separately or in conjunction with other data to provide additional levels of insight.
  • Leverage our risk indicator to identify heightened probability of transaction return.
  • Eliminate lead time required by ACH prenotification validation with real-time API requests.
  • Stop transaction attempts against bank accounts with prior history of returns using Return Blocker (1+ million returns saved to date).

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