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Return Blocker – Advancing Return Rate Management

Payments • September 13

Return rate management can be a tedious, never-ending task to control in-house.  While no one can ever fully eliminate all returned payments, with Payliance’s new Return Blocker feature, you can easily leverage our extensive data repository and risk management capabilities to drive lower return rates, all while using your current Payliance payments integration. Return Blocker has helped merchants avoid over 200K+ transaction attempts against bank accounts with a history of fatal prior returns, saving both time and money. 

Return Blocker Feature Highlights

  • Increased management of return rates on transactions that are most likely to return based on historical data
  • Reduction of transaction costs and attempts for those submissions where return is imminent
  • Awareness to unsuccessful transactions sooner in the processing cycle
  • Lowering of overhead and improve customer satisfaction by proactively managing payment returns
  • Customizable return code blocking selection available at the client level

Please reach out to your account manager or contact us today to learn more about how we can help you better manage returns with Return Blocker.

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